5' 9"       195 lbs.       Eyes - Hazel           Hair - Dark Brown    


​"Escape and Beyond" ----------- Host / Writer --------------- Escape or Die Productions

"Make Me Laugh" ---------------4 Episodes / Stand-up ----------------- Comedy Central

"Showtime Comedy Club Network" --------- Stand-up -------------K.M.W. Productions

"Witches Werewolves & Vampires" --------- Featured ------------- Landau Productions

"Ultimate Gong Show" ----------------- Tips for Terrorists -------- Game Show Network

"On Top of It" -------------------------- Co- Host, Talk Show -------Bagdon Productions

" The After After Party" ---------Stand-up Comedy ---------------- Montoya Productions


"The Bus Boy" -------------------------Featured ------------- Exploding Head Productions

"Art Gets Fired" -----------------------Lead -------------------------------Art Entertainment

"Connect the Dots" -------------------Featured ------------------------------- Flicks on "66"

"The Eyes of an Enemy" ------------- Featured ---------------------- Montoya Productions


"Sandia Casino" ----------------------- Spokesman -------------- Reborama Productions

"Redneck Home Video"  --------------- Featured -------------- Suggs Media Productions

"Franklin Quest" -----------------------Featured -------------------In House Productions

"Coronado Mall" ----------------------- Featured ----------------- Southwest Productions

 N.M.D.O.T. ------------------- Man on Street Interviewer ------ Southwest Productions


"Laugh Factory" ----------------------Regular Performer & Emcee 1990's  --- Hollywood

"The Love is there" -------------------One Man Show ------------ Long Beach & Montreal

"M.G.M. Grand " -------------------- Catch a Rising Star ------------------------ Las Vegas

"Riviera Hotel" ----------------------- Riviera Comedy Club ---------------------- Las Vegas

Extensive "Headlining" credits on request; 1985 - Present.


Arabic, British, Chinese, East Indian, East LA, French(Parisian & Canadian),

German, Irish, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Jewish, Mexican, Native American, New York, Russian,  Southern US (Georgia & Texas), Spanish, General European.


"Naked Cafe" -------------------------- Cartoon Coffee Cup ----------------- (Pilot) M.T.V.

Cellular Depot ------------------------- Spokesman -------------- Group  West Advertising

Grandma's Music --------------------- Spokesman ---------------- New West Productions

New Mexico Anti Smokers -----------  Spokesman ---------------- Southwest Productions

A. S. R. T. ------------------------------ Narrator -------------------15 Hr. On-line training 

Santa Fe Firefighters------------------ Spokesman -----------------------C&H productions


"Best Screenplay"  2009 Castle Rock Film Festival.


Musical instruments - Blues Harmonica, Oud, Dirbuki, Drums.

Sports - Golf "10" Handicap

Dance - Comedic, Pop Lock, Moon Walk, Freestyle.


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I was born in Montreal, Canada but was soon moved to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wichita, Kansas all before the second grade. It was then my father decided to be a movie producer in Hollywood. It was only natural as he had been a pro wrestler, musician and comedian. I was always encouraged to be funny and did stand-up comedy in my fourth grade talent show.



I tried my hand at comedy again during my second year at Cal State Long Beach but decided to go into the retail furniture business instead. After ten years, we had four stores and I had my condo at the beach and a Ferrari. All the money in the world, however, couldn't quiet the call to comedy. Inspired by David Brenner's story of how he quit a lucrative career to be a comic, I promptly sold it all and hit the road. I was immediately picked up to do sixteen weeks at the Hyatt on Sunset, next door to the Comedy store. From there, I branched out and was headlining within two years. I worked throughout the eighties and early nineties in comedy clubs all over the U.S. ans Canada. I produced my one man show, "The Love Is There", in Long Beach and Montreal.

In the nineties I took on Hollywood. I was quickly a regular performer at the world famous Laugh Factory on Sunset. I was a show closer on the weekends and was a regular emcee during the week, (a spot usually reserved for famous radio personalities in L.A.). I was able to land some great commercials including a spot selling Jeff Foxworthy's first "Redneck" video. I was also cast in a few TV shows including  Comedy Central's "Make Me Laugh" and  NBC's "Witches Werewolves and Vampires". I co-wrote and hosted a one hour reality special, "Escape and Beyond", featuring escape artists.

I have been featured in many commercials including "Spokesman" for Sandia Casino,  have appeared in short films and have voiced projects from teaching web sites to wacky radio spots.  I have also concentrated on my screen writing. I recently finished  my fourth screenplay, "The Mulligan", a great new golf movie. My last script, "The Bit", won Best Screenplay at the 2009 Castle Rock Film Festival.  



777 San Manuel Blvd.

Highland, California

Wednesday April 24th

7:30 pm


2900 E. Broadway Blvd.

​Tucson, Arizona

Friday & Saturday May 3-4

8:00 pm & 10:30 pm